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Dr. Samson Demissie Gezahegn

Dr. Samson Demissie Gezahegn Specialist In General Surgery & Sub Specialist In Urology and Renal Transplantation Academic Background Dr. Samson Demissie Gezahegn is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Hawassa University and St. Paule Hospital. Awards & Honors Medical Doctor (MD) – 2000 E.C General Surgery – 2004 E.C. Urology and Renal Transplantation – 2010 […]
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Dr.Seyoum Kassa

Dr.Seyoum Kassa Specialty Associate Professor of surgery, Consultant and Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Acadamic Background Surgical Cases of heart and lung Surgical Cases of Chest and Mediastinum General Surgery cases
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Dr. Pak Chang

Dr. Pak Chang Specialty General Surgery, Abdominal Surgery Academic Background General Surgery: Pyongyang Medical University Hospital Abdominal Surgery : Pyongyang Medical university Hospital Award & Honors General Surgery: 1986-1995 Abdominal Surgery : 1996-2015
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